Digital Design

Digital design encompasses a variety of different products and services that we offer.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective lead generator. It pays to keep existing customers in the know about your latest offers, products or services. TimPowersDesign 0ffers email marketing using the MailChimp service.

We will design your email, develop it to MailChimp standards (or a service of your choice) and send it for you. We can manage your campaigns and advise you on how best to get your message across.

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Online & Facebook Advertisements

We’ve all seen sponsored advertisements on our Facebook feeds, and there’s good reason for that. With the ability to target your audience down to their interests, age and location you are guaranteed to gain exposure and potentially gain new leads.

Online advertisements are another effective lead generation service, we use Google AdWords, which allows you to place a variety of advertisements on Google AdSense sites. TimPowersDesign will work with you to create the perfect advertisement to promote your business, product or service.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are, simply put, pages that a customer land on from an advertisement or a link. Typically they provide information about the product/service advertised and offer a gateway to the rest of your website.

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