The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad 2016

What did we do?

  • Photography/Headshots
  • Flyer, Poster and Banner artwork
  • Programme layout and artwork

It was the full package for this production, after the success of the Cinderella programme for VAMPS of St Neots we were given a chance to produce the programme for the panto. This was only the second programme we’ve created and it received some lovely comments. A new idea for this year was to include two colouring pages to keep the kids in the audience occupied before the show began and during the interval.

Sinbad also saw our photography equipment used for the second time in a Players’ production, the first being Sense & Sensibility. However this time we were equipped with an L Series lens and a backdrop and lighting kit. All the pictures in the artwork and the rehearsal pictures in the programme were taken by TimPowersDesign.

The original artwork for Sinbad was rejected very late in the process, for being too dark for a panto. We took another shot at it and ended up with artwork which was loved by the director and committee alike. The background features a photo of a sea monster wrapped around a ship which is a vital part of the plot. Out of this artwork we created the usual suspects for promotional print material, 3x1m banner artwork, A6 landscape “Postcard” artwork and scaleable A3 poster artwork.